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The Rise and the Rise of the Kristen

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I exist!

It's good to exist and shit. :D

Update: College & RP & Priorities
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Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I posted on there, and I have some thoughts I want to get out, so.

First things first, I am going to Temple University come fall! I recently decided this, and I put a deposit and first month's rent on an apartment in Philadelphia. I met one of my roommates, and she's an anime fan, which will be cool. The film building is on the other side of the campus though, so I kind of hope I can bring my bike down, even though I haven't ridden it in 50 years.

RP is the hardest. I get home and I just hate everything and don't want to do anything and want to drop everything. In fact the only reason I even got moving on housing and school responsibilities was to distract me from my failure. That is how pathetic I am.

I got an opportunity to help as an Assistant on a film set in August, but the more I think about it, the more I think I should tell them no. Not that I have MANY plans in August, but the plans I do have are pretty set in stone. I'm going to find out their schedule and work from there.

Also, I need to get another computer. It's looking to be about $2,000. I'm paying for virtually everything, so here's to hoping I won't have student loans after all of this. .-. I'm hoping I won't have to make up too many classes so I can get out fast.

That's mostly it, I guess. Let me know what's up with you guys.

Film work and more
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I was thinking about all the projects I've done for film and video and audio and shit. I will have links to some of these some day! A lot of them are ass and I'm actually missing a ton of things that I either can't remember the name of, or are gone forever. Or are so ass that they aren't worth mentioning. Most of the things I did in highschool aren't on this list. Like that horrible film about two detectives that I wore a gigantic afro wig for in which I did all the work myself. What do you do. \o_o/

I might add acting gigs here if I remember to give fucks. I need more scripts. 8| And everything crossed out will never be finished but I found worth putting here for god knows why.

Stuff I've worked on, oh god how is this this largeCollapse )

Helloooooo ladies. Been a while.
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I had my birthday on Friday! I had a tea party~ Really! A picture is worth a thousand words, so!


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Apple Commercial Series Concept
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So for my Advanced Computer Graphics class I have to make a series of three advertisements that are related, using a real company. We also have to make use of typography and my professor wants us to use illustrator and photoshop and possibly indesign for formatting (lol, I'll probs use photoshop and call it a day). I am the most cliche person, clearly, and picked Apple.

I was really inspired by the music video for Bruno Mars with the song “Just the way you are.” In said music video, the singer places a tape deck on the table and proceeds to ‘draw’ pictures with the tape deck while singing to the girl.

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Guffaw I am here!

And finally apping Georgia.

Annnd generally need to revamp this bitch.

Is late for school bwahahaha.
07, 07 → Non non! // The fop is french.
Hey I never update this!


I wish my plurk could update my livejournal. :| Seriously, Plurk is missing out on an untapped market.

This is something worth posting over. C:
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Hey guys! A random update, but tomorrow and Sunday, around noon, a short film I worked on last year is going to be showing in the middle of


The movie is named Johnny's Leaving and I'm super duper excited about it showing!

ALAS, I cannot go, because, lol, we're actually shooting our NEXT film this weekend, so almost none of the crew can go other than those who are going to go pick up the camera. I've been very firm that they must film it so we have proof that it happened.

Anyway. We're on the schedule here so if any of you are in the NYC area on Friday and Sunday, there you have it. ♥

As another random note, I was offered a chance to be a writer for this site because of a blog I have where I bitch about my hair and the business is really picking up and stuff and stuff. :|a Exciting shit keeps happening, yeah?

It's times like these that I'm just happy beyond words at what I do, and I'm so happy that despite all the dissenters who told me I shouldn't work with a budding film company comprised of old friends and acquaintances from high school because I wasn't going to get paid (even though no one is).

Because in the spans of a year, I've gone from set bitch Production Assistant to Assistant Director. And now that business is really picking up WE MIGHT GET PAID NOW and we're getting our names out there, it really goes to show you to follow your gut, and do what you think is right and there won't be regrets, not ever. C:

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I am posting because I haven't in a while. WHAT'S UP F-LIST? Tell me of your travels.

And I'm going to Ota this weekend. Wooooooooooooo.


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